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Reverse Phone Number Lookup FAQ & Help

How to sue a telemarketer?

First of all, you need to know if the call is legal or not legal. There are some ways on how to find it out.
Make some data collection (name of the caller, the company, website of the company, the address and the products that they are trying to offer you.
Research some of the lawsuit initiations. Know certain rules and violations they have violated. And, research and do enlist the violations that they have done during the call.
Your day in a small claim court. This is the time where you will face the defendants. Even the telemarketer who called will not be there, some representatives will still be there. Just make sure that it has happened. This is all what you need to prove before the court.

How to Block Telemarketing Calls?

Keep your own number to yourself. It worth’s a lot to telemarketing companies. Once your number is out, they will not stop calling you.
FTC’s National Do not call list. This is for the sake of the receiver of the caller. You can ask them to put you in their do not call list.
Use your phone carrier to assist you. Contact them and ask to block some phone numbers that are unknown to you. You can also block their numbers on your own.

What to Do Next Time a Telemarketer Calls?

Make sure that you will not give out your number to anybody.
If you given out your number to them, and they are calling you, make sure to write all the things, the time, the name of the caller, the company where he/she works, the address off the company and also the website of the company. Do not forget about the services and the products that they offer you with.
After the call. Once you have told them not to call you up anymore, expect that they will call you one more time. Request them to put you on their do not call list. If they call you again for the next 12 months, you must sue them.

How To Stop Robocalls Once And For All?

First of all, like other steps, you need to keep your number to yourself. It will make you safer from telemarketers. This is especially if you do not give your phone number to a stranger.
Tell companies that you used to buzz off.
Hang up right away. If you think that the caller is someone who wants to get you spammed, hang up right away.
Do not press random numbers. There are some circumstances that you might contact their numbers without you knowing it.
Do not call the registry. Find some useful applications that block the robocalls.

How to Report This Number to the FTC?

You can file complaint if you have received unwanted calls. This is especially after your number is registered to FTC. This is also after a month.
You can also file a complaint if you have received a call that is recorded.
Submit all the documents that you have recorded to the FTC. This is regarding the caller that you have found out to be illegal. Make use of the information that you have gathered to file a complaint.
Make sure that all the details submitted to the FTC are true.